The names “Angela” and ”Angeline” were on the fourth and 15th place, respectively among females.

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Santos; Reyes; Cruz; Bautista; del.

Relatedly, “Angelo” ranked 10th among males.

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Antonio – a traditional baby boy name, meaning.

27. After all that history, here’s a look at some of. Abe: It is derived from Hebrew and is used in several English-speaking countries.

Reyes; RELATED: 200 Most Common Last. Of Spanish origin, this popular name means “ beloved ”.

Some surnames belong to Tagalog and other native languages in the Philippines, though they are rare.

Abalos is a quite distinguished surname among.

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" Amihan -. dela Cruz; 2.

Originating from the pre-medieval period, Adam is referred to as ‘the earth’ from where God created man.


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Filipino male names from some of the most. Rank. Bayabao: This is derived from the Maranao term ‘Bayabaw,’ which refers to the traditional subdivisions of the eastern regions of Lanao.

After all that history, here’s a look at some of. I have marked with an asterisk, those that were included in the Claveria edict. . Elyas meaning "my God is Yahweh". ”. 2.

Daniel – an ancient name meaning ‘God is my judge’.

Marilou f French, English, Spanish (Philippines) Combination of Maria and Louise. Adam means ‘man’ or ‘son of Adam’ in Hebrew’.



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Aljon m Filipino.