Synonyms for Take a toll.

suffering injury.

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. Lists. Noun.

suffered damage.

Translations for suffering. . Translate Suffer damage.

to suffer. suggest new.

have a bad time.

damage incurred.

become damaged. suffered damage.

Define damage. 1 day ago · The Conservative Party is on course to turn into a "skip fire" as the party's MPs turn on each other over Boris Johnson's latest problems, leaked WhatsApp messages obtained by deputy political.

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“It also seeks an award of monetary damages for losses incurred as a result of the defendants' unlawful conduct.

attack, consequence, damage, decline, defeat, fate, humiliation, indignity, loss, setback. suffer damage verb (suffers damage, suffered damage, suffering damage) Conjugations for suffer damage: present. .

be handicapped. injurious situation. . antonyms. state. .

1 ache, agonize, be affected, be in pain, be racked, feel wretched, go through a lot (informal) go through the mill (informal) grieve, have a thin or bad time, hurt.

. be at disadvantage.

Synonyms for SUFFER: undergo, endure, experience, have, see, know, feel, witness; Antonyms of SUFFER: joy, glory, rejoice, laugh, triumph, beam, cheer, delight.

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