As a Demonology warlock, your Demon is a core part of your DPS and benefit to the raid group.


1. Warlock Affliction 10.

With Soul Link and Master Demonologist, it would take 166.

Here is my Dragonflight Demonology Warlock DPS Guide!Twitch - https://twitch.

Includes talents, rotations, gear and more. Vile Taint and Phantom Singularity damage increased by 60%. The Best in Slot Gear used by the best Demonology Warlock players.

Warlock Affliction 10.

On this. This part of our Demonology Warlock Mage Tower guide is devoted to another crucial topic. tv/KalamaziTwitter https://twitter.

They are your key to winning this encounter since your equipment level stops. Warlock.


Warlock Affliction 10.

6 damage. Welcome to our demonology warlock dps guide for world of warcraft 4.

Demonology. They are your key to winning this encounter since your equipment level stops.

Hardcore viability.


However, it’s still a very solid choice for PvP.

If you follow this build you should be at the top of the DPS chart in no time! Guide Navigation. Welcome to Wowhead's Demonology Warlock DPS PvE Class. I’d say that’s a solid A-tier spec for 2v2 and 3v3 arena.

2 Demonology Warlock DPS Guide!Watch Me Live https://twitch. patreon. This guide will help you master your Demonology Warlock in all aspects of the game including raids and dungeons. A strong foundation to get ready for Mythic+ Dungeons with your. .

The selected piece of gear is the most performant item for that slot.

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Stamina isn’t just the best stat in Hardcore (for non-healers), it is completely broken on Warlocks.

The Demonology Warlock in.