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. . This is a browser-based front-end for AI-assisted writing with multiple local & remote AI models.

I've only tried this with 8B models and I set GPU layers to about 50%, and leave the rest for CPU.

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Wait a bit as the first generati. docs.

7B-Nerys is a finetune created using Fairseq's MoE dense model.

Hi, I'm new at these Ai stuff, I was using AI dungeon first, but since that game is Dying I decide to change to Kobold AI (best decision.

bat, aiserver. You'll have to either back down to Neo-1.

I am the dev of Hypnagonia and I started the horde precisely because I wanted to be able to use Kai over rest api without a direct. .

I'm gonna mark this as NSFW just in case, but I came back to Kobold after a while and noticed the Erebus model is simply gone, along with the other one (I'm pretty sure there was a 2nd, but again, haven't used Kobold in a long time).
bat, aiserver.

i'm not familiar with programming and such and would appreciate a simple, step by step explanation on how.

KoboldAI is a powerful and easy way to use a variety of AI based text generation experiences.

. 7B - Nerys Model Description Fairseq-dense 2. alpindale.

. . Hosted inference API Text Generation. For example I use. Pythia has some curious properties, it can go from promisingly highly coherent to derp in 0-60 flat, but that still shows promise with some finetuning there is something to be tapped into there. the default name of the directory would be "KoboldAI.

Currently on version 17.

Contribute a Model Card Downloads last month 11,968. I have just started using KoboldAI and it's amazing.


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For example I use.