She is a child with necromactic powers living in a dark, distant mansion.

Lina Inverse (リナ・インバース, Rina Inbāsu) is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the comic fantasy-themed light novel, manga and anime series Slayers.

She comes off as somewhat bossy, due in part to. Page that categorizes the characters in the Little Witch Academia series.

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She is a black cat who has the ability to talk, and serves as a mentoring figure for the titular character and her companions, the Sailor Guardians.

Rpg Character. . Born under the Blue Moon, they were the ostensible creator of the Book of Vanitas and the disease.


Character Design Inspiration. . Luna Hydron.

Mar 16, 2023 - 184 Likes, 27 Comments - Ray (@soupntrees) on Instagram: “I couldn’t force myself to not post for awhile so here’s the official reference for Tamago and Teru”. Amazing Agent Luna is an original English-language manga series written by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir (also authors of Destiny's Hand ), with art by Shiei.

By day, The Baron is a statue, but by night, he becomes the dapper anthropomorphic cat that resides in an antique shop.


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Luna Hydron. Mar 20, 1991 · The Dunbas Empire tries to conquer the peaceful land of Rimbell.

The Order kills more elves and Drysi taunts Luna to.

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After the announcement of Yuki Kajiura as the music.

. She comes off as somewhat bossy, due in part to Usagi's general laziness and occasional lack of motivation. Episodes.

RT @LossThief: In 2019 we're gonna have an anime character turn to face the audience, look the viewer dead in the eye, and say in perfect english "I am Transgender" and we'll still have otaku fuccbois trying to insist there's an intricate Japanese historical context for why they aren't. Explore. . . .


Sailor Mercury also recreates Luna's likeness in the form of Luna-P. Vanitas of the Blue Moon (蒼 (そう) 月 (げつ) の吸 (きゅう) 血 (けつ) 鬼 (き) "ヴァニタス", Sōgetsu no Kyūketsuki "Vanitasu"), also known as Father (父 (とう) さん, Tō-san) and Luna (ルーナ, Rūna), was a character from Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas.

This is the first anime depiction of the original manga character.


Mar 20, 1991 · The Dunbas Empire tries to conquer the peaceful land of Rimbell.


Not much unlike Kuroko, she, too, struggled to find her place with her peers.