He talks to you every day.

Many guys will experience mood swings, while trying to hide the fact that he is hurt.

Let’s say the reason he doesn’t want to commit is because of past heartbreak. He lives like a single man.

You don’t need your significant other to tell you that you’re his soulmate and he can’t imagine his life without you.


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. Many guys will experience mood swings, while trying to hide the fact that he is hurt. ४४ ह views, २.

There’s no magic formula for getting someone off the fence, but here are some ideas to keep in mind: 1. Put those worries to rest, because if he does these six things, he can't ever imagine living even a single day without you: 1.


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He appreciates you. .

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Don’t bet your future on someone else’s potential.

A lot of people say that they “can’t imagine” their lives without their partner, but it’s usually just used as a figure of speech.

He talks to you every day. He’s replaced “I” with “we”. You’re way too good for something.

Sep 7, 2017 · Louis Amal. Feb 7, 2021 · You Can’t Imagine Your Life Without Them. He’s replaced “I” with “we”. When a man seems to crave time with you and care less about playing it cool, it’s a good sign that his feelings are growing stronger. At one point, she described him as "a dear.

I can’t imagine life without you,.

. He is after your happiness.



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“I miss you so much that I can’t get you off my mind.

Nov 3, 2016 · Here are 10 signs he knows he’s got it good and feels like he’s hit the jackpot: He regularly talks about your future.